Flock to Fedora 2023

Flock is the Fedora Project’s annual contributor-focused conference. It typically alternates between European and North American locations. The conference provides a venue for face-to-face meetings and conversations. It is also a place to celebrate our community.

After a four year gap due to COVID-19, Flock is returning as an in-person event.

Trip Report

My first Flock, and it was excellent. I’ve got 12 pages of notes here, but some highlights:

  • Getting to meet people I only know by name
  • Finding some places to start contributing to Fedora (on my own time)
  • Finding places where Fedora and Ansible overlap and could collaborate
    • Discourse usage
    • Matrix bot development
    • Art & design (e.g logos for Matrix rooms)
    • Mentoring programs

I got a lot from the more general sessions too - obviously I enjoyed the Discourse discussion (spicier than the OS panel with Rocky and Alma, I suspect :stuck_out_tongue:). The CommOps talk from Justin seemed to have a similar focus to our team, so I want to speak to him more about that. I also ended up in a stats discussion with MattDM after the keynote, which may yet be interesting.

More generally, the atmosphere was great - very welcoming, and we were well catered for. Lots of fun events (I especially enjoyed the Story Stitch), food, transport - all good.

Hopefully I can make the next one!

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