Feel free to test and use new compress - decompress module

Dear colleagues.
For my work, I have created a new module multi_compress for compress - decompress, which is more comfortable and faster than standard modules.
I apologize in advance if I got into the wrong section. I hope the moderators will correct me then.


  • Support for Multiple Archive Formats: Handles common archive formats including tar.gz, tar.bz2, and zip, covering a wide range of archiving needs.
  • Compression and Decompression: Offers compression using gzip, bzip2, and the parallel compression utility pigz for faster compression speeds on multicore systems. Decompression is automatically handled based on the archive format.
  • Flexible File Inclusion/Exclusion: Allows specifying files or patterns to include or exclude from the archive, providing control over the archive’s contents.
  • Automatic Format Detection: For unarchiving tasks, the module can automatically detect the archive format based on the file extension, simplifying task definitions.
  • Optional Source Deletion: After successful archiving or unarchiving, the source files or directories can be optionally deleted, helping manage disk space.

I have made a full description on github.
You are welcome to test and use it.

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I note it doesn’t contain standard DOCUMENTATION strings (and on line 157 it says “Beispiel” :wink: )

I apologise - my mistake. Writing documentation is really necessary, but sometimes very lazy. :slight_smile:
I hope I’m better now. :slight_smile: