Environment variables prefix with ANSIBLE_, and AWX

There is a long-standing issue with policy clashes: AWX disallows environment variables starting with ANSIBLE_ for anything that isn’t coming from ansible-core, while it was decided project wide in 2019 that all environment variables defined by plugins or modules for configuration should use the prefix ANSIBLE_. This makes it impossible to use certain plugin configurations especially from community collections with AWX.

I’m linking to the original discussion here to avoid repeating everything: Environment variables prefix with ANSIBLE_, and AWX · Issue #88 · ansible-community/community-topics · GitHub

One proposal is to add an exception to not disallow environment variables starting with ANSIBLE_COMMUNITY_, and stick to these for community collections (and potentially other ones). This only works around this problem for community collections, but it’s at least a start :person_shrugging:

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So, this seems to apply specifically to the use of custom credentials in AWX.

awx/awx/main/fields.py at devel · ansible/awx (github.com)

I would think that plugin environment variables, as a best practice, should use NAMESPACE_COLLECTION_ prefixes (COMMUNTIY_GENERAL_, COMMUNITY_NETWORK_, etc). Similar to how we treat role variables.

This still presents a presents a problem for the ansible.* collections, but then AWX could maintain credentials pertaining to ansible.* collections directly so that custom credentials should never need to be created for them (thus skipping this validation step).

Using ANSIBLE_COMMUNITY_ would be problematic since that is still prefixed with ANSIBLE_ and therefore AWX would have to account weirdly for exceptions.

But I’m no plugin developer, so don’t mind me.

I don’t think we should add a static allowlisted prefix like ANSIBLE_COMMUNITY_. As you said it doesn’t really solve for everything.

I’m also not in favor of NAMESPACE_COLLECTION_ prefixes (unless they are ANSIBLE_NAMESPACE_COLLECTION_ which doesn’t solve the issue), because they don’t have a common prefix; even worse, it makes sense for namespaces to match existing products or companies in some cases, which could have their own defined environment variables that end up with the same prefix.

I mentioned this in the original issue:

AWX may have a legitimate security concern, but they could help mitigate this issue by having an allow-list and/or block-list for specific variables that are allowed.

I would be in favor of AWX allowing its users to specifically opt-in to allowing certain variables or prefixes; that enabled administrators to make their own choices about what to override.

Using another prefix might also be a solution, like ANSIBLECONTENT_. Then you still have the common prefix ANSIBLE (without underscore), and everything starting with ANSIBLE_ is private to ansible-core, and everything starting with ANSIBLECONTENT_ is not.

fwiw, when we decided to use the ANSIBLE_ prefix it predated any real use of collections, and I’d argue that indeed in a collection based world it’s wrong for anything not part of ansible-core. Any plugin in an external collection at this point using ANSIBLE_ as a prefix should probably deprecate it.

I’m not a fan of a generic prefix.

I think I’d be ok with <NAMESPACE>_<NAME>_<PLUGIN_?>_<CONFIG_NAME> but I’m not convinced we really need to concern ourselves with any form of enforcement. But with some collections living in the ansible namespace, we still have potential problems.

Regardless, asking why AWX restricts the env vars seems like a question we should continue pulling at.

Looks like @AlanCoding added this in PR #2363 because documentation claimed the prefix is reserved. Issue #2359

This appears to still be the case in the original issue’s linked documentation.

While, at the same time, you’re enforcing that the ANSIBLE_ prefix is only for ansible-core stuff? SCNR

In a collection based world and, additionally, where Ansible means the Ansible community package for a lot of people, I suggest that core should move to ANSIBLE_CORE_ prefix. At least in the long run.

And then suggest to collections to use <NAMESPACE>_<NAME>_$SOMETHING.

Of course, this would mean some work for the core team and would take some time to implement. But what do you think about this?

We should be clear that when we talk about the ANSIBLE_ prefix in this topic, it does not mean that it’s necessarily the entire prefix used in a collection. For example, all of my collection’s env vars use ANSIBLE_HASHI_VAULT_.

What’s at issue is that AWX cannot/does not have any way to distinguish these since it looks only for ANSIBLE_.

I don’t agree that it’s wrong for anything outside of core. The ANSIBLE_ prefix alone should be more about the general product Ansible and not core itself. To that end,

This isn’t such a bad idea, and would be a lot easier to implement than every collection having to change their stuff. AWX can then switch to restricting only ANSIBLE_CORE_ prefix which seems to be its intention.

Of course, there is no actual issue in core either, it’s really only AWX that has a problem, and we could sidestep anyone having to change any prefixes if AWX would allow its own users to selectively decide which vars/prefixes they want to allow to be overridden.

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I’m rather confident this won’t ever happen.

ansible-core is the real ansible. Unfortunately there were some politics that came into play and we ended up renaming the package, but in the end, ansible-core is the original and real ansible.

Well, and here we have a lot of disagreement. Ansible is also the name of the whole ecosystem, which includes a lot of other things that have Ansible in name: ansbile-lint, Ansible collections, Ansible roles, the Ansible community, Ansible navigator, Ansible Automation Platform, Ansible creator, etc. And these are just things whose name starts with Ansible, and thus have a similar reason to use environment variables starting with ANSIBLE_.

ansible-core might contain the real ansible CLI tool, use the ansible Python module name, etc., but I don’t think it has a special claim on the ANSIBLE_ prefix for environment variables.


ansible-config now has a validate option that checks all ANSIBLE_ environment variables and CAN include installed plugins. Sadly this doesn’t fix the older versions, but going forward is a way to check these dynamically vs using a static list.

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could not have said it better