Does galaxy-importer need its own documentation?

This is related to Ansible-galaxy lint unexpected warnings - #6 by allhart and Update to Roles Documentation main.yml Minimum Requirements · Issue #1262 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub.

What I’m seeing is that galaxy-importer is tied to one version of ansible-lint (potentially moving to 6.22.x), but the ansible-lint documentation is only for its most recent release (currently 24.2.2). The big number jump is a move to CalVer but the basic point is community folks (and potentially Automation Hub collection owners) have difficulties knowing which version of ansible-lint to run locally to align with galaxy-importer. And occasionally ansible-lint makes changes that mean a rule is gone entirely, but a user may be running something that requires this older ansible-lint version and can’t find any details.

Note: galaxy-importer documentation could just mean updating the current readme with a bit more detail, but that still leaves difficulties when ansible-lint makes changes like the one above and users are lost when they hit it and can’t find any docs for this older version that is in use in galaxy-land.

(@allhart @ssbarnea as involved in recent discussions on this).

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I can input on the galaxy-importer side: Totally agree: galaxy-importer could use more documentation on requirements and dependencies. This could be an expansion to the importer README with a “Requirements” section?

Yes that would be helpful for sure. With Ansible-lint docs only publishing latest release, maybe add a link to the GitHub branch docs folder that matches the Ansible-lint version used?

Related to this, and I’m not sure where the documentation should be, but the old galaxy docs used to talk about the role metadata requirements and that doesn’t exist anymore in the new galaxy docs.

Does this feel like a gap in the galaxy docs or galaxy-importer @allhart ? I’m struggling on where a user should go to understand these requirements (other than digging through failed ansible-lint results…

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Also related is another role creator asking for details on this - Galaxy API URL for listing supported platforms


That seems to me like it should go in the galaxy docs rather than only in importer, but I think we should link to that documentation in the importer docs.

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