Documentation Working Group Agenda

Since we are opening up the DaWGs meeting ‘chair’ role to community members, this is a quick cheatsheet on how we run the meeting.

Primary commands:
!startmeeting DaWGs aka Documentation Working Group

@room Meeting time! Who is here to talk the docs?

Raise your ascii hand (o/) to say hi or any other way you want to let us know you are here. And Welcome to any new folks!

General run of the meeting - We go over action items, give docs updates… maybe have a topic or two, and go over doctooling updates (all the fun stuff behind the scenes that get us!)

official agenda at Documentation Working Group Agenda - #7 by samccann

From here, we set a new topic for major discussions or general updates that follow along the agenda above. We don’t always cover every item on the agenda - some of the ongoing items list are just reminders of unfinished work.

!topic Spiffy New Thing

Use ^info to add an entry into the meeting logs.
^info looking for feedback on Spiffy New Thing -

To end the meeting:

No need to update logs as that happens automatically now!