Custom field for pronouns?

I’m seeing some pronouns coming up in Display names, which reminds me that we didn’t account for that.

Does it make sense to add a custom field to the user profile (I.e like Matrix ID and GitHub ID) for people to put this in? I’m fine with it in display names too, just thinking about options.

Yeah, I’d like a free-form extra field for pronouns. Fedora’s Discourse has a drop-down for pronouns which I don’t particularly like, as it doesn’t allow for people such as myself who use multiple pronouns or folks who use neopronouns.

Fedora pronouns dialogue 1

Fedora pronouns dialogue 2


Thanks @gotmax23 Added, go to your preferences to give it a try.

I was just about to suggest that if we include the pronouns field, it shouldn’t be a limited drop-down list. So :+1: on the free-form option.

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It worked! Thanks. I would change the help text from Which personal pronouns do you prefer? to Which personal pronouns do you use? or something similar. prefer isn’t really the right word here.

Done, thanks for the feedback!

Cool. Thanks!‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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