Community Execution Environment Release Cadence

Hello, my folks,

Community Execution environments have been on the scene for several months. We need to figure out the following regarding the project’s release cadence. The questions on hand are the following :

  • Should the EE Base release be tied to the Ansible Community release and EE Minimal to the release of Ansible-core? Or both of them should come together.
  • How many days after ansible-core and ansible package release should we schedule the release of EE Minimal and Base ?
  • How many versions of Minimal should we have (all the stable ones such as ansible-core)?

For now both Base and Minimal EEs come together a day after Ansible package release (only 2.17-1 Minimal EE remains in exception).

Please feel free to share your views in reply to the topic.

If the CI builds can be triggered by the respective ansible-core/ACP GitHub release tags, then I would think it’d make sense to go with that to both match the release cadence and automate the workflow.

Something like this might work:

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ee-minimal definitely should be tied to core releases. Once the process can be automated (as prior commentor suggests) then yes, supporting all three currently-maintained core releases would be ideal.

ee-base is trickier because it includes a core version, and a few collections. We could go with tying it to the Ansible package version (and collection versions included there). Or we could tie it to core. Since an Ansible package user probably gets no benefit out of ee-base that I can think of off the top of my head, I’d suggest tying it to the core release as well (and whatever collection version is latest for that collection at the time the EE is created).