Can/Should we copy some how-to guides to official documentation?

This came up with regard to Running a local container registry for Execution Environments, but seems we should discuss more in general.

So my thoughts on copying some content here over to official docs:

  • It should be broadly applicable. Hard to determine this one, but it needs to be something most users/developers would be interested in. Corner case items would clutter up official documentation. That said, as this PR shows, we can and should link from docs over to interesting how-to’s etc here in the forum.
  • We need to ask the OP for permission AND find a way to give attribution on where the content came from when we add it to official docs.

Would love to hear what other folks think about this. Would we be taking away from a forum contributor (and their increasing :heart: here if we copied things elsewhere? Maybe we should only consider adding stuff to official docs if it’s written by a community team member like the topic listed above? etc. Loads of things I’m probably not considering here…


I like to think of the Forum as a place to discuss and work-in-progress docs, or specific short howtos, but once it’s in a “publishable” state, I would +1 to being published in The forum is particularly useful to link to the right places or enable discussion around those docs, but I don’t think it should start to be yet another docs place. Otherwise we are fragmenting our content and platforms, which would be ironic to do in here :laughing:

On permissions, I’m not so sure we should require permission, after all, the content published here in the forum is CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted, and having to ask each time would add a considerable amount of administrative work everytime we wanted to “move” something over to

That being said, it would be nice to let the author know about it for sure. Maybe we can add a disclaimer to the category, pointing out that content shared in Guides, FAQs & Howtos there might be copied and modified into articles in or even a blog post somewhere.

On attribution, linking back to the forum topic that started it in the article should work, and it would allow for discussion and a good option for people who have comments, questions or updates and are not as saavy with github to commit a change or open an issue there.


I generally agree with all the above statements.

What i like about the forum is that, it’s a great place to discuss newly released docs. Take, say, the Running a local EE registry one mentioned in the description: users / readers raised their concerns / improvement suggestions very conveniently and quickly right along the reading which is great and productive.

When such guides (provided that they satisfy the requirements mentioned by @samccann in the description) have positive feedback, are polished and ready, they can go to docsites.

So yep, i would add to the thoughts “The guides have positive feedback from the community”.

At the same time, I’m OK with having similar guides on the forum as, despite the fragmentation @Leo mentioned, it’s an additional opportunity for docsite visitors to join the forum.


There is a difference between what we are required to do by process/law/convention, and what we might do more to be nice people. I would regard this as the latter - we should tell people we’d like to publish their work, and get their input. We have the right to do so if they have left the community and don’t respond, but this should be where we start.

Overall, +1 to the comments above, I agree with this space being the “incubator” for howtos and best practices.


I agree with this for sure. Not everything posted here as a how-to would be something we want in the community documentation. This is a place for very SPECIFIC How-tos that may not apply and would never find a place in the community docs but are useful to some readers.