AWS Working Group Agenda

Next AWS Community Meeting: 2024-03-28T17:30:00Z


This meeting is open to everyone. We meet in the matrix room at 1:30pm US Eastern time on the fourth Thursday of each month to discuss topics related to the AWS collections

Please update the agenda below with items you wish to discuss. If you don’t show up for the meeting, your item will be skipped.

If you just want reviewers for your contribution, join us on:

For those taking meeting minutes:

We now use the Matrix meeting bot. Start the meeting with

  1. !startmeeting Amazon Web Services Working Group
  2. @room Meeting time! Who is here to talk about AWS?

Then as you progress, use !topic to start each main topic below
Then use ^info to summarize what is discussed, and ^action for any action items proposed.

When the meeting is done:

  1. Find the meeting minutes autoposted to the Workflow and Logs category and add documentation tag.
  2. Add a link to the minutes in the Meeting Minutes section below.


  • Review any action items from previous meeting
  • Release planning: April 2nd


Other Topics

Open Floor

Previous meeting minutes

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the calendar at the top does not appear to be populated, It may need to be edited.

Working on it…any chance you know how to populate it like the DaWGs agenda page? It’s nifty :slight_smile:

Just trying stuff out…didn’t quite work as expected.

@hbailey found this How to add event to calendar - #3 by cybette but not sure if it helps.

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Thanks! I followed these instructions and created a recurring event for this on the events page, it needs moderator approval but should show up soon.

Hi all, thank you @hbailey for creating the event. I’m not sure you created a recurring one, I think you are missing that bit. I did approve the one for this month though and we can fix it.

There are different ways to add events and handle the agendas. Your topic made me realize we might need to review the suggestions and howto, so we have better guidance and provide a more consistent experience when generating meetings.

If you would like to create a top post like the one by the Docs group, you can use the following format at the beginning of your post:

[calendar weekends="false" defaultView="listNextYear" fullDay="false"]

And you need to add a [date] tag in the same post or in a following one, where you specify when the event will be, timezone and frecuency. For example, something like this:

AWS Working Group Meeting: [date=2023-10-26 time=13:30:00 timezone="America/New_York" recurring="1.months"]

The above includes a recurring event per month and it doesn’t have an end date.
We will try to get a guide about this or add it to the FAQ and tips next week.

@hbailey As @Leo said, you need the calendar block (that’s what displays the date items in the topic. I’ve also made the post a wiki, since you probably want people to add agenda items.

I don’t appear to have got the recurrence quite right though! Last-Thursday-of-the-month seems to be hard to get right, I’ll need to figure that out…

In general, any suggestions for improving the instructions over in Forum Guide & Feedback would be awesome, I’d like to make this easier for folks to set up :wink:

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Thanks @Leo and @gwmngilfen for the help! Please do let me know if you figure out how to do a recurring event on the fourth Thursday of the month, I couldn’t figure it out either. Next month we are off schedule due to the US holiday anyway (and I expect December will also be off the usual cadence) so I can just add events manually for now.

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Hi @hbailey, we seem to be hitting a bug. I just created a test here for recurring monthly meetings and it’s not working as expected:

We will keep you updated on how to move forward once we figure things out. Thank you!

I think for now we’ll just have to update the date block in the calendar as we go. I’ve asked the devs of the calendar plugin for some help :wink: