Authentication Error to run ansible-playbook

Hello @bacchus21

I sincerely hope you’re feeling better now! :blush:

Given the recurrent issues you’ve encountered, it seems probable that they all stem from a common root cause. I distinctly recall mentioning that resolving the SSL problem preventing direct Galaxy collection installations could prevent these recurring issues:

To delve deeper into this matter, I’d recommend taking a step back to investigate the origin of the persistent SSL error you’re encountering.

To facilitate this investigation, it’s crucial to gather a comprehensive overview of your environment. This entails:

  • What OS/Distribution version are you currently using? Is it a physical machine, or are you operating within a VM? If it’s the latter, which platform are you using (VMware ESXi, RH KVM, etc.)? I encountered similar SSL errors when running AWX within an ESXi minikube VM. Perhaps creating a fresh installation on a VM sandbox solely for debugging purposes could be beneficial.

  • I recall that you’re running Ansible from the CLI. Have you established a Python virtual environment, or are you utilizing a system-wide installation? I strongly advocate for using Python venvs. Consider creating a new one (using Python 3.9, ansible-core 2.15 latest…).

  • Are you operating on a VLAN-segmented network? Are there any firewalls between your control node and the Internet (such as ufw, iptables, ACL rules on a router, or a Zscaler client if you’re utilizing WSL on Windows)?

These suggestions aim to gather all pertinent information about your environment, but it’s not exahustive, you may add more info than this. Really, having a comprehensive understanding will significantly aid in identifying a viable solution for this challenge. Your cooperation in gathering this information would be immensely helpful for me or any other community member assisting you.

PS: Now I’m on a vacation leave so I may not get back to you in a timely manner, but I’ll be checking my phone every now and then.