Ansible-Minneapolis: Meetup Topic TBA [2024-02-15]

Looking for speakers - contact the organizers to get added to the calendar!


— Getting There —

Park in the “Municipal Garage at RiverPlace”, entrance is on 2nd St SE. You can enter the RiverPlace building directly from the garage. The Red Hat office is on the retail level. I should be able to validate everyone’s parking.

The doors automatically lock, you may need leave a message if you can’t get in the doors, we try to have someone waiting at the door until 7:00 after that please post to the message/discussion board

I may be interested in this meetup, though I haven’t been to one before.
Are there any minutes from past meetups or topics that are usually covered?

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@sirjaren thanks for the interest! We have a bot that copies all these from Meetup so the community can be more aware of them, but it means the organiser might not know this post exists (since the forum is quite new still)

@cybette do we know the organiser for this one? Can we get a reply from them?


Hi @sirjaren ! Please join the meetup group and you can check out their past events to have an idea of what they’ve covered previously.

@gwmngilfen I don’t see the organizers on the forum, I’ll ping them to take a look here!


Hi Sirjaren,
I am the organizer for the Minneapolis Ansible meetup, we would love for you to join us. Unfortunately I don’t keep meeting minutes, however if you check our meetup page you can see the past topics.

If there are ever topics you would like to hear about or have questions on don’t hesitate to reach out. Always looking for feedback or input from the community.