Ansible Hacktoberfest Planning 2023

Hacktoberfest 2023 for Ansible Projects

This year, we’re opening up the following projects to participate in Hacktoberfest 2023

Participating projects

See the maintainers guidelines for how to set up issues and your repo to be part of Hacktoberfest.

While there can be some spam from Hacktoberfest participants, we’ve run this on Ansible core/package docs for the past three years, and it’s a great way to get new contributors to create PRs for simple things. Most Hacktoberfest participants come in the first week or so of October, so that is when you’ll want to be available to review and merge appropriate PRs.

General project owner guidelines

To run a successful Hacktoberfest:

  • Review where you have easy/simple fixes or code cleanup efforts that a contributor can help with without needing to be an expert at your project.

  • Create a batch of issues for these simple fixes - Multiple smaller issues are better than one big issue.

  • For docs, it’s useful to group similar fixes as one issue per guide, to reduce merge conflicts.

  • Label these issues with the hacktoberfest tag. We can then create a cross-project filter to publicize the list of participating Hacktoberfest issues in the Bullhorn and Forum.

  • Be ready on Oct 1 - the PRs can come in quickly. Most will be good, some will be spam. The main rush is usually over by mid-month.

  • If the fix is reasonable, consider merging it. It may not be the perfect fix, but Hacktoberfest is a way to encourage open source contributions, so relax requirements if you can (easier to do in docs than in code).

Brainstorming ideas

Possible ideas for docs (could be applied to any Ansible project):


I changed this to a wiki format, so we can modify etc. as we go along. The goal is to put enough guidelines here so that any Ansible ecosystem project can participate (with docs or code simple fix issues).


Once we have a list of participating projects and issues opened, we can put this in the Bullhorn to show up in the month of October.

This is great, thanks @samccann! I was also wondering about some kind of tracker, perhaps embedded here. Assuming I can work up some tech for it, how would it feel to have a “hacktoberfest bar” somewhere? And should it be per-repo, or total (I prefer total, I think)?

oh a tracker would be fun yeah! I’d say total, not per repo…

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This is the list of hacktoberfest issues across the Ansible projects:

We should make this more prominent on Monday…

Ansible Middleware team is joining and shared the following to the Matrix Social channel:

This October, Ansible Middleware is participating in the Hacktoberfest 2023, the global celebration of open source collaboration.

Ansible Middleware is a suite of supported content that combines the power of Ansible automation with Red Hat’s Middleware portfolio. It allows organizations to meet their business demands and automate the installation, configuration, and management of Enterprise Middleware.

Ready to contribute? Check out the Contributing Guide, and browse Hacktoberfest Issues

Questions? Reach out via email, if you have any queries or need assistance.

I mentioned to Ranabir Chakraborty in the channel this planning thread and asked if they could use the forum as reach out instead of the email. I will try to ping the Middleware team and see if they can get on-board.

By the way: the Middleware content is not only for the RH products, but also for the upstream projects, that might be useful to highlight as well.


Thank you so much, Leo for onboarding us. I’m very new to the Ansible community forum, and not sure how to promote our Ansible Middleware projects for the upcoming Hacktoberfest. Let us know we are always happy to help and contribute.:slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @RanabirChakraborty! Glad to see you here and what you did by posting to the Bullhorn was a great way to promote it.

We will be going over the planning on Monday here as well (@samccann is leading that), and we will update the parent post as a go-to topic as well as share suggestions and details.

You can check the hacktoberfest tag and follow it for notifications if you want as well (click the tag, and use the bell at the top right in the tag page).

You are welcome to post an intro into the Middleware project in the Project Discussions category (so we can add the #middleware tag) and if the rest of the Middleware team can join the forum, we can create a group for you as well.

@samccann list of possible blog posts to participate in hacktoberfest and discuss on Monday:

  1. New Ansible Galaxy
  2. Event-Driven Ansible is Here
  3. Getting Started with Event-Driven Ansible
  4. Event-Driven Ansible - ChatOps - From Chat to Action
  5. Kubernetes Meets Event-Driven Ansible
  6. Ansible and ChatGPT: Putting it to the test
  7. Deep dive on Ansible VScode extension
  8. Automating Azure Infrastructure for High Availability Web Hosting with Ansible
  9. Ansible data manipulation with a Filter
  10. How to use the new Constructed Inventory Feature in Ansible Automation Platform 2.4

The following ones have updated versions and would be good to have them at the same time, with a banner showing an “update note” for the older post pointing to the new one:

  1. Introduction to Ansible Builder
  2. Developing and Testing Ansible Roles with Molecule and Podman - Part 1

We might want to add others I’m leaving out for now, we can review that as well.


Thanks Leo! We’ll work to get this out as issues so folks can help out here as well.

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AWX docs are also adding a bunch of hacktoberfest issues!


Final summary - we closed 33 issues across the ansible-documentation and awx docs repos. Thanks to everyone who participated this year!

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@Leo - I opened issues for the remaining 9 blog posts above (in your first section) - Issues · ansible-community/community-website · GitHub

Can you take a quick look at the metadata to make sure of the values? I made up the categories/tags so… might need adjustment.

@Dule-martins will be using these issues to help train a new group of contributors so want to be sure the details are correct.

Hello @samccann I am ready to start organizing this issue by adding them to the board.

I can see that you have added some issues to the board thank you very much, would still love to add more.

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Hi @samccann , done! did a check and added a comment to each on the suggested changes. Thanks for pinging me!

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