Ansible documentation goals for rest of 2023

Since we have a bit more than two months left, I thought it would be a good time to see what the community thinks are priorities are for wrapping up this calendar year with regard to Ansible documentation.

As a reminder, we have a few big things we’re planning on completing:

  • Read the Docs as the main platform for ecosystem project docs (core is the final one in the works)
  • Ecosystem cross-project docs repo (to hold things like the EE getting started that crosses more than one project)
  • tackling the docs issue backlog
  • modernizing the docs build (aka nox vs makefile)
  • ensure all rst files are part of CI tests, not just the core subset for example (rstcheck likely does but not docs-build)

Is there something else y’all have in mind that we should focus on in the next couple of months?

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