Ansible Challenge

Hi everyone :blush:

My team and I worked on this fun project called the Steampunk Ansible challenge. For anyone interested in joining it, even if you missed the start of the challenge, you can still join it, because this was only the first one. So don’t worry if you’re late to the game; there’s still a chance for you to showcase your expertise and win the prize :wink:

Here are some tips on how to solve the first challenge, to help you speed things along:

  • It is known that AI can have “hallucinations”, so be careful, for example, when looking at Ansible modules used in the playbook.
  • You can run the playbook locally and see if it works.

It would be more than welcome to get some feedback from you all, to connect, and to ask each other questions about the challenge or Ansible.

Let’s chat; here, on our Discord channel, or on Reddit.

The 2nd Challenge is on Thursday, 10/19/23, at 16.00 CEST sharp, as the time is counted from the start of each challenge, not from when you begin solving it.

And if you’re already a part of our challenge, would you mind disclosing what tools you’re using to solve it and why?

I’m all ears. :blush:


Challenge #3 began yesterday, but it is not too late yet!

To all competitors!

Three extra hints have been given on our Discord. :slight_smile:

See you at the next challenge, on Nov9th. :slight_smile: :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for sharing the start of the third challenge @luneblueue!

Also, and @luneblueue can correct me if I’m mistaken, the previous challenges (1 and 2) are still ongoing, so if someone wants to join on the fun right now, they are still in time to participate until the event finishes on the 30th of November. Right?

Instructions for each challenge (1, 2 & 3) to date below:

First challenge:

Second challenge:

Third challenge:

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Yes, that is right. :slight_smile: And the challenges will also be available to solve later.

Here is the timeline of the challenges up ahead. :smiley: