Ability to allow inbound connection to AWX receptor mesh on Kubernetes

@kurokobo @tanganellilore we got a good bits of the work done in
feature_awx-mesh-ingress branch on awx and awx-operator

right now if you try to use it it should work

for the awx-operator change we mostly focused on OCP with Route as the ingress

If anyone is interested would u like to contribute the bits needed to get this to work well on non OCP K8S?

Thank you for informing me, I’ll give it a little try in a few days.

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@TheRealHaoLiu @fosterseth
Is it feasible for AWX Operator to support deployment of IngressRouteTCP for Traefik in addition to Route and Ingress?
I can send PR for this, but It would also be possible to deploy AWXMeshIngress CR with ingress_type: none and have users create their own IngressRouteTCP (In this case AWX Operator does not support IngressRouteTCP).

Traefik (default ingress controller for k3s) requires a TCP Router for TLS passthrough, which consists of a CR called IngressRouteTCP rather than the usual Ingress resource.

Technically, I already have an implementation in my environment that allows jobs to run on Executon Node via Internal Hop Node using IngressRouteTCP.

Draft PR: wip: add ingress and ingressroutetcp for awxmeshingress by kurokobo · Pull Request #1646 · ansible/awx-operator · GitHub

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