Redirecting the ecosystem page

Yes, I think that would make sense. Link repos, docs, and maybe specific forum tags.

Here is a draft PR that migrates the ecosystem page to the new website: Add ecosystem page by oraNod · Pull Request #344 · ansible-community/community-website · GitHub

Here is the PR preview: Ansible ecosystem | Ansible Community

What do folks think?


I like how it looks and think it is a better home for this. It also removes my doubts/worries about the new ecosystem docsite trying to cover too many things at once so… doublew-win in my book :slight_smile: :gift: :gift:

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Thanks @samccann I’m glad we’ve arrived at a better end result here (so long as no one else has any objections).

Initially we were only going to ever have the homepage on the new website so I didn’t consider putting the ecosystem there. But with the inclusion of those legacy AWX and Galaxy pages I think it makes a lot of sense to include the ecosystem there.

This approach also means we can maybe do a bit more with the ecosystem page too and include links other than just documentation. We can also do a bit more with the look and feel.

I’ll remove the duplicate page on the ecosystem docsite now. I also think we can “hide” the page (meaning that we don’t link to it from anywhere) and create a stub page that directs users to the page with a friendly message. This might be preferable to a redirect - and less jarring.

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oh sorry! I thought the change seemed reasonable to I approved the PR, I didn’t realize there was an ongoing discussion on the topic. :slight_smile:

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