Moving ansible/community content to ansible-community

@gwmngilfen @cybette - what do you think? Should we save presentations here in the forum under a special tag or something instead of a /presentations repo in GitHub?

The meeting logic is now moved to GitHub - ansible-community/meetings: Repository for the logic that controls the Ansible community meetings ics

I want to newsbot this but can someone give it a try to use the new ics file in their calendar first? I tried and it works for me but a nother pair of eyes would be great.

It’s now at Details are in the README at the above repo as well.

I could also do with some advice on how to ‘stop’ people using the old ics file (other than deleting it :-P) I plan on adding a note to the readme in the ansible/community repo but welcome other ideas as well to get the word out on this change.

I personally prefer GitHub for slide decks (especially if they are not PDF files but easily versionable files, such as HTML or TEX). That way you can also see an edit history (if available), and you can collaborate on a slide deck in the repository with standard PRs. (Not sure whether the repo is also meant for developing slide sets, or just for storing “final” ones.)

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(A repo also makes the operation “give me all slide decks” very easy - simply clone it. That’s a lot harder if you have to go through a long list of forum posts and download their attachments.)

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Good points. The instructions currently mention adding PDFs but we can change that if folks prefer an editable set of slides for sharing.

It’s working for me!

Maybe replace all events summaries with a “DEPRECATED - DETAILS IN DESCRIPTION”
And add the details on how to subscribe to the new calendar in the description.

We could use both. The repo works for storage and the forum for linking from the event topic to the slides there. Not sure if there is an option to embed slides here in Discourse (note to self: look it up) that would be nice as well.

I agree with @felixfontein, particularly around the download everything, and from the point of view of having a single source of truth as well.

I would say PDF for the slides shown during the presentation are the best option for archival and reference for those who want to check content of a presentation.

That said, I also think it’s a good idea to have the sources and it would be nice to request them along with the PDF to allow other people to reuse the content (if they are CC-BY or equivalent).

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Many slide decks are now HTML5 (Reveal.js etc) which don’t easily convert to PDF. I don’t have a solution, just pointing it out :wink:

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True, I would put a strong preference towards including a PDF but I can understand if they don’t.

Just for reference if we want to include pointers on how to do it for those cases:

There is an option for revealjs to export to pdf, although it’s a bit more obfuscated than just “pressing a button” it’s not that bad. For other HTML presentations that might be trickier, but they can use a dedicated tool like decktape.

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I think we should only require PDFs when creating them is relatively easy (like for presentations made with LaTeX, LibreOffice Impress, MS PowerPoint, …). For other formats we should encourage them, but not require them.

Providing information how PDFs can be generated from HTML presentations (as what @Leo mentioned above) is definitely helpful and should be added to the instructions / docs.

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I agree with Felix - creating friction or barriers will simply result in people not doing it at all, and I’d rather have something than nothing


I like this idea, but may not flip the switch until Jan 5 (the new year) before I archive the repo.

@gundalow - what do you think of this approach? Basically anyone using the old ICS shared calendar should see these ‘deprecated’ notifications with a pointer to the new home (assuming I can fit all of that into a manually edit .ics file).

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Another question for the hive mind - I’m seeing a few WG that don’t seem to be active anymore:

  • vmware (no meeting logs since nov 2020)
  • azure (no meeting logs since Oct 2019)
  • security (verified with owners that is on hiatus til the new year sometime)
  • windows (verified with owners that it’s been stopped)

I’m wondering if I should remove all three from the shared ics meeting calendar?

I say we remove them if they are not happening, having them display in the calendar only creates noise for those aware and misleads new people who are willing to actually join them.

We can add them later when they restart. We could add an issue around “attempt to reactivate working group meetings for x, y, z” for next year related to this.

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PR to remove the defunct meetings - remove defunct meetings by samccann · Pull Request #4 · ansible-community/meetings · GitHub reviews welcome :wink:

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PR for this is deprecate old meeting invites by samccann · Pull Request #709 · ansible/community · GitHub . Reviews welcome.

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