Future of the Ansible Community package

My proposal (something can be kick out/added and don’t go into details too much right now - if it’s OK I can raise a dedicated topic):
1. Replace package inclusion with community-approved collections process by SC. the approved collections:

  • docs will be present on docs.ansible.com (or maybe there’ll be just a link to Galaxy filtered with the badge)
  • will have the galaxy badge mentioned by @bcoca

2. Trim the package down to essential things decided by SC

  • [don’t focus on the details now] the new trimmed-down package will start with ansible-core, ansible.utils, ansible.posix, ansible.windows and community.core (SC will decide what to move to it from c.general)

3. SC will continue to decide what will be in the package including community.core’s content (i.e. to vote on new plugins/modules)

IMO with this approach, we’ll keep the collection maintainers motivated and users informed providing a still good batteries included package. And it doesn’t feel like more work for SC (maybe on the initial stage only)